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Gigantic Lego Minifigures.


Gigantic Lego Minifigures.

The open seas surrounding The Netherlands are one of the planet’s most popular sailing channels for container ships.

Oh, they’re also renowned for being prone to some of the world’s most stormy open sea weather.

The perfect mix for things falling overboard and washing up on the shores somewhere, wouldn’t you say?

This is what was initially believed to be behind the appearance of a thousand-pound, eight-foot Lego man washing up on the shores of Zandvoort, The Netherlands, in 2007.

However, several others appeared on other beaches over time – from Florida to Brighton – featuring the mysterious label “Ego Leonard.”

It’s not known if “Ego Leonard” is an acronym for the artist or the name of the figures.

However, there’s some weighty speculation that Dutch guerrilla-artist Leon Keer is responsible for the Lego men appearing

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