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A message in a… melon?


A message in a… melon?

Everyone’s heard of a message in a bottle washing up on shore somewhere.

In fiction, it’s often the catalyst of some very exciting adventure to find some shipwrecked explorers or pirate’s bounty, whereas, in reality, it’s usually just a little note saying “You Just Lost The Game” or something inconsequential.

However, there have been occasions where a melon has washed up on a beach that has a note stored in it.

This is really weird given that the whole reason for putting a message in a bottle in the first place is to keep it dry from the sea, but the inside of melons is wet… I’m so confused.

In this paper we introduce MELON, a new communication paradigm tailored to mobile ad hoc networks, based on novel interactions with a distributed shared message store. MELON provides remove-only, read-only, and private messages, as well as bulk message operations

The dynamic nature of MANETs is addressed with persistent messages, completely distributed message storage, and flexible communication patterns. We quantitatively compare a prototype implementation of MELON to existing paradigms to show its feasibility as the basis for new MANET applications. Experiments demonstrate 40 % better throughput on average than traditional paradigms, as well as 70 % faster local insertion and removal operations compared to an existing tuple space library.

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