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Whale bits… and whole whales.


Whale bits… and whole whales.

Dead sea creatures wash up daily across all of the world’s ocean-front coastlines. Despite their enormous size, whales are no exception to this as well.

From time to time, huge sections of decomposed whales will wash up.

When you look at the exposed spine of a whale sitting on a beach, it’s pretty easy to see how the people of old imagined up dragons and krakens when they saw things like this!

However, whole dead whales are also a rather strange occurrence that sometimes graces our beaches.

So how do they get rid of an entire whale on a beach before it starts stinking the place up?

Well, that’s simple: explosives. No, seriously. The country’s military will often blow the whale up to smithereens and let the next tide wash the bits back out to sea!

The relevant indicator here is the “whale netflow,” which measures the net amount of Bitcoin that whales are withdrawing or depositing to centralized exchanges right now.

The metric’s value is calculated by simply subtracting the withdrawal volume of this cohort, from the deposit volume of the same.

When the netflow has a positive value, it means BTC whales are transferring a net number of coins to exchanges currently.

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