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A bag of severed human hands.


A bag of severed human hands.

A bag with 27 pairs of hands – or 54 hands, depends on how you want to look at it, washed up on the Siberian shores of the icy Amur River.

Discovered by a fisherman in the Spring of 2018, the bag of severed hands was, according to the Russian Investigative Committee, “not of criminal origin […] but were disposed of in a manner not provided for by law.”

Medical equipment, bandages, and hospital-style shoes were discovered near the hands.

Apparently, it’s not uncommon for forensic labs to hold onto hands for a while after disposing of bodies to keep hold of the fingerprint info.

But how they ended up in the Amur River is anyone’s guess.\

Investigators gave no clues as to who the hands might have belonged to, or why they were discarded.

Bandages and hospital-style plastic shoe covers were reportedly found with the haul, and police have taken fingerprints from one of the hands, according to local media.

Theories from local media as to why the hands were severed range from them being the result of punishment for theft, medical amputations, or the improperly discarded remains of cadavers dissected by medical students

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