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A Disorientating Experience.


A Disorientating Experience.

So for a normal person going into this room, the whole experience can be very disorientating.

People have trouble standing or sitting within the room in the dark, as well as navigating the room or maintaining their balance.

The daunting lack of noise makes it near impossible to orient yourself as you walk in the anechoic chamber, as we humans rely very heavily on subconscious acoustic and visual cues to navigate when walking.

Yet folks with autism often love the chamber, as do those with some deafness, and those with high levels of mental anxiety.

As Steven Orfield said: “You take away the perceptual cues that allow you to balance and maneuver. If you’re in there for half an hour, you have to be in a chair.”

After Dream catapulted to fame, it wasn’t long before the creator had to deal with some major blowback. In 2020, he was at the center of a cheating scandal, in which a moderation team overseeing Minecraft records came together and published a 14-minute video and research paper that summarized a two-month investigation into his speedruns. The paper showed the extreme improbability of some of the runs due to randomized elements of certain items in Minecraft, leading some to accuse Dream of cheating in speedruns.

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