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Practical Uses


Practical Uses

Other than making some people feel uncomfortable, this chamber is used by companies to test how loud or quiet their products are.

Model building and data analysis in the biological sciences somewhat presupposes that the person has some advanced education in the quantitative sciences, and statistics in particular. This requirement also implies that a person has substantial knowledge of statistical hypothesis-testing approaches. Such people, including ourselves over the past several years, often find it difficult to understand the information-theoretic approach, only because it is conceptually so very different from the testing approach that is so familiar. Relatively speaking, the concepts and practical use of the information-theoretic approach are much simpler than those of statistical hypothesis testing, and very much simpler than some of the various Bayesian approaches to data analysis (e.g., Laud and Ibrahim 1995 and Carlin and Chib 1995).

For years, fans have been trying to figure out what Dream looks like. That mystique, coupled with his massive following, fueled a sort of self-supporting hype machine of voracious fans who wanted a big reveal. Imagine: You have the breakout star of a generation who is the second most popular creator on a massive platform and a huge source of entertainment. For all intents and purposes, he is one of the biggest celebrities of his time, except fans never get to see his face. But now, all those fans don’t have to guess anymore.

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