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Inside the Chamber.


Inside the Chamber.

The room’s interior is so silent that its background noise has a negative decibel output at -13 dBA for hours and instantaneous levels of -23 dBA.

To put that into perspective, the general background noise of an urbanized area like a city varies from 70 – 110 dBA in many places, whereas in a rural countryside area the decibel output is typically about 60 dBA.

The lab’s founder, Steven Orfield said:

We challenge people to sit in the chamber in the dark – one person stayed in there for an hour, and one for two hours, the second with the lights on. When it’s quiet, ears will become much more sensitive. The quieter the room, the more things you hear. You’ll hear your heart beating after about 15 minutes; sometimes you can hear your lungs after 30 minutes, hear your stomach gurgling loudly. In the anechoic chamber, you become the sound.”

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