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What are magnets used for


What are magnets used for

As we’ve already mentioned, we’ve known about magnets for thousands of years already, with the earliest records dating back to around 2500 years ago in Greece, India, and China.

By around 1200 AD it was discovered that you could use a magnet to give you a true bearing of north or south, and from this discovery, compasses were born.

Compasses completely revolutionized how we travel and see the world, allowing travelers to navigate without using the sun or stars, which was generally more unreliable.

Fast forward to the 20th Century, and magnets were beginning to be used in a wide variety of ways in electronics, motors, and so on

Have you ever stuck a piece of art on a refrigerator door? If so, you already have some experience with magnetic fields. The attraction between the refrigerator door and the magnet holds the paper in place. As you may be able to guess, this means magnetic fields can actually pass through solid objects like paper.

Magnets can do so much more than just hang around on refrigerators, though. Did you know they keep the refrigerator door closed, too? You may be surprised to discover how many uses there are for magnets.

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