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What even are magnets


What even are magnets

For thousands of years now we’ve known of the existence of magnetism, but it wasn’t really until relatively recently that we’ve figured out what it actually is, and how it works.

Some of the first people to discover that one type of stone would attract other iron-rich stones were the ancient Greeks.

The first to discover the use of magnetism to point a piece of metal in a constant direction were the ancient Chinese, who used their early forms of the compass to practice Feng Shui.

So what are magnets?

By a simple definition, they’re an object that gives out magnetic fields, which in turn attract metals such as steel, iron, nickel, and cobalt.

Magnets can come in a variety of shapes and forms.

Some are created by mixing iron and another element such as vinyl or ceramic, which are then magnetized (changed so they also have a magnetic field) by a more powerful magnetic source.

Another common form of a magnet is an electromagnet, which is a critical component in most types of motors.

These magnets are constantly being recharged and magnetized by an electric current, which makes them very strong magnets.

You can learn more about what magnets are and how they work here.

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