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5 Fun Facts About Loren Gray

5 Fun Facts About Loren Gray

Up until 2020, Loren Gray was the most followed person on TikTok.

She is known for her singing talents, TikTok videos, and her beauty channel on YouTube.

But where did it all start, and how did she get to be so famous by the age of 16?

Here are 5 fun facts all about Loren Gray.

Loren’s mother was a beauty stylist, and her father a biologist. Loren has a half-sister called Jordan, who is eight years older than Loren.

She was born an Aries, meaning that she is optimistic, sociable, and adventurous.

In 2015, in 6th grade, Loren set up a TikTok account, formerly Musical.ly, to upload lip-syncing videos at age 13.

She originally used her full name, Loren Beech, until she began to get more followers, so she changed it to Loren Gray.

Loren’s friends at school began to turn on her as they were jealous of her gradual build to fame. Some of them started to bully Loren.

Loren’s mother decided to take her out of school as the bullying escalated to a point where Loren was suffering from mental health issues and would spend some days continuously crying.

As a family, they moved to LA for a new start and for Loren to continue growing her social media platforms. Loren did her first fan-based meet and greet tour at age 13, and this is when she first sang publically on stage.

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