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Information can be stored in our hair!


Information can be stored in our hair!

Did you know that information can be stored in our hair?

Now you might think this sounds crazy, our hair doesn’t have a hard drive or a “cloud” to store things, so how can this be true?

As our hair grows it carries our biological make up with it.

For example when our nails grow and we see white marks, they are indications of a lack of nutrients or vitamins in the body at the time that part of the nail was formed.

This has been used for many years as a way to see if someone is malnourished or is lacking something in their diet.

However in hair these changes aren’t visible to the naked eye, but there are methods of testing that allow us to see the changes made to a piece of hair when it grows.

We can see from hair samples if certain drugs were taken, if there was a lack of vitamins and nutrients at a point of time in someone’s diet.

Here are the stages of how your hair stores information of what you have ingested.

When we consume something it is broken down into particles, certain elements enter the blood stream.

As the particles travel around our bodies they can be deposited into the follicle of a growing hair.

The chemical particles remain where they were deposited in the follicle and as the hair strand starts to grow, the particles deposit into the cortex of the hair strand itself.

Once the hair starts to grow up and out the body, it carries these chemical particles with it as they are part of the strand of hair when it formed.

The chemical particles remain part of that exact piece of hair forever.

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