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5 Untameable Facts About Human Hair

5 Untameable Facts About Human Hair

Did you know that the average adult human can have around 100,000 hairs?

Not only this but we also have up to 150,000 hair follicles just on our head and around 5 million over our entire body.

You are born with an exact number of follicles on your body and you don’t grow more as you get older.

The number of follicles you have is hereditary and can vary depending on your hair color.

People with naturally blonde hair tend to have more follicles, with an estimate of 150,000 hairs on their head, whilst people born with naturally red hair tend to have only around 90,000 follicles.

We all have hair. On our heads, faces, limbs, and in hidden places too, it’s a natural part of the human body.

Over time as we have evolved, hair has transitioned from being an important part of our survival by keeping us warm, to becoming a tool that we use to express our personality.

Do you ever sometimes wonder why we have it, or what the point of it is?

This furry extension to our body is more interesting than you may have ever thought!

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