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5 Fun Facts About Josh Holloway

5 Fun Facts About Josh Holloway
Most famously known for his portrayal of James “Sawyer” Ford on the hit television show LOST, the actor Josh Holloway has lived quite an interesting life.

In fact, there are several fun facts you might not know about him.

Below, we take a closer look and examine some unique trivia regarding one of television’s leading men

After high school, he enrolled at the University of Georgia. However, he dropped out of college after just a short time, spending only one quarter of a year in college. Despite only spending very little time in college, he feels as if he received the “college experience” by attending parties and more.

After dropping out of college, he returned to California to start a modeling career. This leap showed much ambition, as he moved across the country to try and get his foot in the door of the modeling industry.

Holloway faced many rejections during his time searching for modeling gigs once he made the move to California. It wasn’t until the 90’s when he finally and officially entered the modeling industry.

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