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5 Terrific Facts About Troye Sivan

5 Terrific Facts About Troye Sivan
Even if you haven’t heard his name, if you’ve listened to the radio you’re likely to have heard Troye Sivan’s hit singles, including the chart-topping “i’m so tired…”, featuring Lauv.

But like many popular artists of today, delving deeper into the facts often reveals some fun and unknown pieces of information.

One of the reasons the family gave for moving to Australia was the rising crime rates in South Africa at the time.

Troye Sivan is one of four siblings – he has one sister, Sage, and two brothers, Steele and Tyde.

Troye was 12 years old when he entered the entertainment world in 2007, performing the role of Oliver Twist in the stage musical Oliver!

The year after, in 2008, he was cast in a short Australian film, Betrand the Terrible, playing the role of Ace, one of three local bullies.

Troye Sivan is publicly gay and came out to his fans in one of his YouTube videos in 2013.

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