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5 Distinct Facts About Drake

5 Distinct Facts About Drake
He’s a famous rapper from Canada, and you’re bound to have heard one of his numbers even if you don’t know who he is.

If you want to build your knowledge of Drake and the rap world, let’s look at some interesting facts about the man himself.

Although he is now most famous as a rapper, he was first known for his role on Degrassi: The Next Generation, a popular American TV series.

His mother Sandi is from Canada and is Jewish; his father, Dennis Graham, is African American and was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

His father, Dennis Graham worked with the famous rock star Jerry Lee Lewis as a drummer.

It appears many of Drake’s family have been involved in music and the arts – his uncle Larry Graham was a bassist for Prince.

When Drake was just five years old, his parents divorced. Drake then lived with his mother, who raised him Jewish. Despite this, Drake is still very close with both his parents.

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