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You can make a ghost haunt your enemy.


You can make a ghost haunt your enemy.

This is possibly one of the most chilling things to think of.

According to the Romans, you can effectively order a ghost to get revenge for you.The Romans believed in a few simple steps to get this done.

It began with writing down a curse by scratching into stone or, in those days, a tablet.

The curse needed to mention the enemy’s name and describe what type of torment was to be made.

Then this was to be placed in a grave or burial site for the deceased to act upon.

Not all Romans believed in this, but it was often practiced with the hopes of the dead returning as ghosts to torment.

In 1967, at a lawyer’s office in Rosenheim, Germany strange things started to happen in the presence of the 19 year-old secretary Annemarie Schaberl. Paintings and overhead light fittings started swinging, while fluorescent tubes unscrewed themselves and massive spikes in electrical activity occurred. The speaking clock was also called multiple times per minute and furniture was moved. The police, utility company officials, physicists and parapsychologist Hans Bender investigated without explanation. But many believe it was a fake – all due to hidden nylon threads – especially given that the incidents stopped when Schaberl left the firm in early 1968.

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