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Who arranges fashion shows, and who gets an invite?


Who arranges fashion shows, and who gets an invite?

Public relations companies handle most shows. They reach out to all of the invitees and handle confirmations, outfits worn by guests, etc.

Many shows are very exclusive and only allow a small, select number of people to attend.

Others are more welcoming and will allow guests’ friends or assistants to join them, depending on the exclusivity and capacity of the event.

Brands will seek out certain influencers and magazines to invite in hopes that they share across their media channels.

Fashion Week is a most common event in the fashion industry. Top designers, brands or fashion houses are presented here with their upcoming collections in a series of runway shows and presentations. Different buyers and the media also present here. Fashion week influence the latest trends for the current and upcoming seasons. The most outstanding fashion weeks are held in the fashion capitals, these are New York, Paris, Milan, and London.

Fashion week happens twice a year and it is lasting approximately one week. In February and March, designers showcased their autumn and winter collections. In September and October, designers showcased their spring and summer collections.

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