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What do people wear?


What do people wear?

Many guests attend the shows wearing the hosting brand’s current season outfits.

They work directly with the brand or their PR companies to select outfits that they will often receive for a few days and return after they are finished wearing them.

Outfits are carefully chosen to ensure everyone is not wearing the same look and timed so they can receive it back to be cleaned for another person to wear if scheduled.

These looks are essential for another large culture of fashion week – street style photographs.



___ Edgy


___Flirty / Attractive

___ Unique

___ Young

___ Mature

___ Powerful

___ I have no sense of style

Look at your answers to the question above. What specifically about your style makes this impression?

 Read more at: https://www.scienceofpeople.com/fashion-psychology/

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