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Visiting new places and getting out of the box


Visiting new places and getting out of the box

New information (new people, smells, sounds, colors, etc.) needs to be processed by the brain when you change the environment.

It does not necessarily have to be a trip.

You can change the environment by taking your work to a cafe, choosing a new restaurant for dinner, or changing the route going for a daily walk.

A question that pops up in my head over and over whenever I think about future travel has been, “What can we do differently this time?” We had a great travel routine before, but now that we’ve pretty much decided we won’t be traveling full time again, we’ve been trying to think of new (to us) ways to travel that would shake things up a bit.

There are still loads of places in the world we’d like to see, but most of all we want to go back to Japan, to spend time with our family. We’ve pretty much settled on two trips to Japan per year, one in the spring and one in the fall, so that we can be there for each of the grandkids’ birthdays (and our son’s). We also want to travel to one of the other islands here every year, for around 10 days each time. But otherwise, we’d like to do things a bit differently and try some new things.

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