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Reading, attending various courses, mastering new knowledge and skills will give a plenty of new food for thought, which will feel like time goes by slower.
  • IT does not involve personal computing. This means that when you work in IT, you're almost certainly working to support a business's infrastructure.
  • IT encompasses more than just computers. Hardware, like servers and printers, as well as software, like databases and proprietary applications, all fall under its umbrella.
  • IT is a core part of any business. Managing a company's information means that everything from keeping its employees' computers working smoothly to protecting its data backup archives is covered.
  • If you like managing the big picture, System Analysis is the sub-field for you. As the name implies, Systems Analysts primarily concern themselves with researching and planning for upgrades to the company's information systems for maximum efficiency. This could involve everything from planning an entirely new workflow to writing technical manuals to working with programmers to develop new software for the business.
  • Thus, Systems Analysts don't typically get too involved in any one aspect of the company's infrastructure. They might survey employees to find pain points with a current process, design a new one, and pass diagrams of this onto the programmers designing a new application for those employees.

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