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There are four major fashion weeks worldwide.


There are four major fashion weeks worldwide.

Though fashion weeks are happening in most major cities worldwide, there are the “big four” that many people plan their years around.

In order of occurrence, these four cities are New York, London, Milan, and ending out the month in Paris.

Not every brand or designer has a runway show. Many designers have a show every year without missing a beat, while others will take a few years off.

Throwing an event during fashion week is often a pricey option for marketing, so the types of brands that tend to show are either well-established contemporary or luxury brands or emerging designers trying to get their name out there.

Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week are the most known Fashion Weeks around the world, attracting buyers, the media, celebrities, top models and designers who proudly present their latest collections.

The Fashion Week universe doesn’t end here. Apart from the “top 4 Fashion Weeks”, there are more than hundred Fashion Weeks taking place worldwide. The Fashion Week around the world list below will help to navigate through the many different catwalks. Discover Fashion Weeks from Fiji to Panama, from plus size Fashion Weeks to ecologically focussed fashion events.

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