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Who first called it Hunter’s Moon?


Who first called it Hunter’s Moon?

The lunar cycle was first used as an ancient way of keeping track of the time of year. The lunar calendar allowed people to keep track of time and seasons.

The moon names often came from relevant seasonal events in nature.

The North American tribes referred to it as the Hunter’s Moon as traditionally, this was the time of year best for hunting.

In particular, the Algonquin tribes who lived in New England would have called Octobers moon the Hunter’s Moon.

Across southeastern Asia, October typically marks the end of the monsoon and has influenced the nickname for the month’s full moon.

“For Hindus, this full moon is Sharad Purnima, a harvest festival marking the end of the rains. For Buddhists, this full moon is Pavarana, the end of Vassa (sometimes given the English names 'Rains Retreat' or 'Buddhist Lent'), the three-month period of fasting for Buddhist monks tied to the monsoons,” the Old Farmer’s Almanac said.

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