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Is it always called Hunter’s Moon?


Is it always called Hunter’s Moon?

The lunar calendar doesn’t always match up with the calendar we use today, so sometimes the moon’s name changes.

If there is going to be a full moon in October, but at the beginning, then it is called a Harvest moon. This is because it is the closest full moon to the fall equinox.

In other countries, such as England, a common name for October’s moon is a Blood Moon.

Although it has links to hunting, in terms of the blood being shed when an animal is killed, it is called Blood Moon for its looks.

It’s sometimes called the Blood Moon because the moon and Earth’s position at this time of year means it rises early in the evening.

When the moon is close to the horizon, it can appear redder and gives the illusion of being more prominent.

It appears red because we see it through a thicker atmosphere when it is close to the horizon.

This tends to scatter the blue light, which means more red light passes through to reach our eyes.

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