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The toothbrush we use today was invented in prison


The toothbrush we use today was invented in prison

It’s crazy to think that people used to live without using a toothbrush.

For people to clean their teeth before, the most common way was to use a rug and soot.

William Addis hated this way of cleaning his teeth, which led him to make the first toothbrush in 1780 while he was imprisoned after starting a riot.

He made it by putting holes in a cow bone to insert pig bristles.

After being released from prison, he immediately built a company to mass-produce his invention.

ave you ever gone a couple of days without brushing your teeth? We hope not! Good oral hygiene is important. But if you have, you've probably experienced that grimy, mucky feeling that can happen when your teeth need to be cleaned.

That same feeling has been felt by human beings for as long as they've been around. For example, ancient cavemen surely experienced those same feelings as their teeth got dirty and grimy over time.

No one knows for sure when ancient man first began to develop tools to clean the teeth. The first tool could have been a simple finger used to remove dirt and food particles from the teeth with a fingernail. Some experts believe some ancient peoples may have used a powder made of broken eggshells to help clean their teeth.

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