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Running improves your mental health.


Running improves your mental health.

When we run, our body releases chemicals known as endorphins.

Endorphins release stress and pain when they interact with receptors in the brain.

This is great for improving our mental state and can even lead to what is known as the runner’s high.

Physical exercise has many health benefits. When you exercise and run, endorphins and serotonin are released in your body -- chemicals in your brain that improve your mood.  Running regularly at a moderate or vigorous level can improve your mental health. Running also improves your memory and ability to learn.

Running outside has other benefits, like lessening feelings of loneliness and isolation. Running can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also improve your sleep habits.

Running regularly can provide consistent boosts to your overall feelings of happiness. Running can be a method of making your body and mind feel better. Running has the following effects on your mental health

Reduces stress. After your run, endocannabinoids are released in your body, which is a biochemical substance similar to cannabis. This naturally produced chemical in your body floods your bloodstream and moves into the brain. This provides short-term feelings of reduced stress and calm.

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