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Captain Marvel lost her powers to Rogue


Captain Marvel lost her powers to Rogue

Captain Marvel had a hostile encounter with Rogue on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Rogue absorbed Captain Marvel’s powers and some of her personality.

Thankfully, Professor X helps restore Captain Marvel’s mind.  

This complicated relationship began in the pages of 1981’s Avengers Annual #11, which also happened to be the very first appearance of the X-Men’s Rogue, who at the time was still a member of the terrorist Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. This was a pretty packed issue, as it also saw the return of Carol Danvers to the Marvel Universe after a yearlong absence, and a rather controversial one at that.

In Avengers #200 a year earlier, Ms. Marvel was suddenly nine months pregnant overnight, and the father of the baby was unknown. She gave birth to a male child who grew up to adulthood in a matter of hours. He was revealed to be the time-traveling villain Marcus Immortus, who used Carol’s body to materialize into our world and escape from his dimension. Realizing he had to return to his dimension or die, he then “wooed” Carol and convinced her to go back with him. The Avengers agreed to let her go so that the two could “live happily ever after.”

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