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Captain Marvel has an interesting love life.


Captain Marvel has an interesting love life.

Carol Danvers has had some exciting relationships. Her relationship with James Rhodes (War Machine) is one of the most notable.

As military personnel with superhero responsibilities, they seemed like a perfect fit.

Unfortunately, this romantic relationship didn’t last long. During the battle of Civil War II, Thanos beats up Rhodes.


True, Carol was fighting on the side of the Kree when we first met her, and they ended up being the bad guys. It was only after she recovered her memories and learned the truth; but all along she knew she was a good soldier, even when her lost memories nagged at her. She knew she was smart, strategic, strong – but what made her that way?

Once she unlocked her past and the truth about the Kree (along with Mar-Vell’s mission to stop the war), she made peace with her mistake and made new allies with the Skrulls. At that point, she learned what was truly right and knew she could help.

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