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Captain Marvel is half Kree.


Captain Marvel is half Kree. 

You may not know that Carol Danvers is half Kree.

Her Kree ancestry doesn’t come from her parents, though; it actually came from the original Captain Marvel.

It all happened during the Psyche-Magnitron explosion.

This Kree-designed machine could bring to life a person’s imagination. It sensed Danver’s jealousy of Mar-Vell’s powers and merged her DNA with his.

That’s how it brought her imagination to life.

Danvers got her extraordinary superhero abilities thanks to this explosion that made her a human-Kree hybrid.

During a reconnaissance mission over Afghanistan, Carol’s plane was shot down by insurgents led by Ghazi Rashid. Carol suffered a broken leg in the crash, and she was subsequently captured and tortured by Rashid and his men. Amazingly, Carol not only managed to escape, but she killed most of her captors as well. Air Force Special Operations officer Michael Rossi debriefed Carol, and was so impressed by her that he recruited her into Special Operations and began training her as a spy.

As Carol embarked on her new path, Michael became her mentor and her lover. She also crossed paths with Nick Fury, as well as Ben Grimm and Logan (James Howlett). Eventually, Carol left the spy world behind to pursue her original passion at NASA. She became the head of security at the Kennedy Space Center, where she met Dr. Walter Lawson, a man who was secretly the Kree spy known as Mar-Vell.

Mar-Vell became very close to Carol, and he developed a kinship for humanity while acting to protect the Earth. He was soon called Captain Marvel by the public and recognized as a hero. As both the Kree and the Skrulls attempted

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