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Captain Marvel is also known as Lady Marvel and other aliases.


Captain Marvel is also known as Lady Marvel and other aliases.

You may know her as Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers, but she has another lesser-known alias – Vers.

She uses this name while fighting with the select Kree military group called Starforce.

Her other names include Lady Marvel, Binary, Warbird, and Ace.

Vers attracts the enemies during a rescue mission with her Starforce team (Skrulls), leading to her capture.

As a NASA security officer, Carol investigated numerous attempts made by the Kree and Skrulls to infiltrate Kennedy Space Center and disrupt America’s space program. During a battle between the heroic Mar-Vell and his rival, Yon-Rogg, Carol was exposed to the Psyche-Magnitron, a Kree device that could make imagination into reality. Carol subconsciously envied Mar-Vell’s powers, and the machine responded to those desires by rewriting her DNA to make her a human/Kree hybrid with abilities similar to his.

Carol took on the identity of Ms. Marvel and even fought alongside Mar-Vell/Captain Marvel and the Avengers. Her early career was cut short when Rogue, a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, attacked Carol and permanently drained her powers and memories. It took years for Carol to recover from her ordeal, but she finally achieved her dream of space exploration and traveled far from Earth. Carol even became cosmically empowered and took on the codename Binary.

The Binary powers faded over time, leaving Carol with most of her original abilities. Carol returned to Earth and rejoined the Avengers. Years later, Carol adopted the codename Captain Marvel as a tribute to her fallen friend and mentor. Her prominence has also grown exponentially, and Captain Marvel is now the most popular heroine in the world.

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