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5 Interesting Facts About Adam and Eve


5 Interesting Facts About Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve are possibly one of the most well-known couples of all time and to some, they are considered the first humans to exist.

The bible tells of their tale from the creation of man on the sixth day to learning about sin, but do we know what happened to them after they were banished from the Garden of Eden?

The bible is full of hidden clues to the mysterious couple’s lives.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Adam and Eve that will leave you wanting to know more about the lives of these legendary characters.

Adam was named after the elements he was created from.

Adam was made from dust

So in the Bible, it explains that God created the first man, who he called Adam, from mere dust.

There is some debate as to the meaning of the word or name ‘Adam’, but most commonly it means man or mankind.

It is closely related to a word in Hebrew which means dust, and the bible explains how God created the first man from dust.

The name chosen for man represents what he was; a human and also reflects the elements he was created from; dust.

The name Eve means to give life.

Eve's name means life

If you are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve then you will know that Eve was made from taking one of Adam’s rib bones.

This is where the word woman comes from, as Eve was created from Adam, a man.

She was given the name Eve, which is closely related to the name Eva in Latin which originated from the Hebrew name ‘Chavah’, which means living or to give life.

Adam lived to 930 years old!

Adam lived to be 930 years old

Amazingly the Bible explains that Adam lived until he was 930 years old.

This might seem quite unexpected as the average human lives for around 79 years, but according to the bible, this was his lifespan.

As this is near impossible, it is debated whether this is literal or symbolic, as it could be perceived as his spirit lived on for 930 years rather than him as a physical being.

The forbidden fruit might not have been an apple.

The forbidden fruit may not have been an apple

In the story of Adam and Eve, it says that a forbidden “fruit” was picked by Eve from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

But in recent years it has become known that Eve picked specifically an apple from the tree.

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