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Is The Color Pink In The Rainbow?

Is The Color Pink In The Rainbow?

Rainbows are delightful sights of nature that can be witnessed when we have rain and sun at the same time.

The rainbow has been reproduced by artists and individuals for many years, all with varying symbols or meanings, but have you noticed that we can’t see the color pink in a rainbow?

But is pink in the rainbow somewhere? Is every color we see present in this beautiful act of nature?

In this article, we will explore if pink exists in the rainbow.

Is the color pink actually in the rainbow?

Is the color pink actually in the rainbow?

The rainbow that is created by nature does not contain the color pink… sort of.

You may have seen drawings or paintings containing pink in the rainbow, but this is all fictional.

To put it simply, pink is not in the rainbow because violet and red are at opposite ends.

The color pink is created from mixing red and violet; therefore, pink can’t exist because red and violet don’t meet within the rainbow.

Although this is a simplified explanation, there is a lot of science behind why we see certain colors.

Why isn’t pink in the rainbow?

A rainbow beaming across wheat field

When it rains, the tiny droplets of rain refract the sun’s light, breaking it down into seven colors of the spectrum.

Sunlight is known as white light, and it is a mixture of all visible colors, so when it is dispersed through the rain droplets, we see these colors.

The colors projected into a rainbow are from the visible spectrum, and these are colors that have their own wavelength.

Pink is nonexistent in the visible spectrum as it is a mix of colors; it does not have its own wavelength.

Is pink an actual color?

A rainbow and the sun in the sky

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