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10 Fun Facts About Jack Gilinsky

10 Fun Facts About Jack Gilinsky
Jack Gilinsky, a successful YouTuber & internet superstar, rose through the ranks to become one of the most recognized YouTubers in the world, and now one of the most successful online musicians around.

If you’re a fan of Jack & Jack, here are 40 fun facts about half of the duo, Jack Gilinsky.

He was born in Omaha, Nebraska which is the same hometown as world-renowned actor Marlon Brando.

Jack’s star sign is Virgo. Virgo’s are often focused on independence and using intelligence to drive themselves forward.

Jack’s family consists of his mother Katherine, father David, and his two older sisters Molly and Laura.

Gilinsky is Jewish.

In 2013, Jack & Jack started to post 6-second videos on the social network site Vine.

Their breakout came when their Vine The Nerd Vandals went viral.

Their most popular Vine series was Whenever This Song Comes On.

The duo has been nominated for numerous awards including a 2014 Teen Choice Award nomination for Most Popular Viner and a 2015 MTV Woodie Award nomination for Top Social Climber.

The Huffington Post hailed their most popular vine mentioned above The Nerd Vandals as apparently “the perfect Vine”.

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