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10 Fun Facts About Evangeline Lilly

10 Fun Facts About Evangeline Lilly
Ever since her role on the groundbreaking television series, Lost, Evangeline Lilly has been maintaining a careful level of privacy, all while starring in major movies.

Somehow, she balances her acting with charity work, writing, working out, and even being a mother of two!

Even with most of her private life under wraps, there are still a lot of fascinating things out there about the actress/author, so check out these 30 crazy facts you might not know about Evangeline Lilly!

She was raised in British Colombia by both of her parents. Because her grandparents were missionaries in Africa, her father was raised in Nigeria.

Evangeline Lilly has two sisters. They all have English and Irish ancestry.

As a child, she almost drowned two times. She was afraid of the water until she overcame her fear at 22.

From kindergarten until the 7th grade, Lilly went to French immersion school. She remains to be fluent in French.

Her family had to declare bankruptcy when she was a little girl.

In high school, she was invited to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. She turned down the opportunity so she could graduate with her friends.

At 18 years old, Lilly traveled to the Philippines for 3 weeks as a missionary.

Evangeline Lilly Attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver where she studied International Relations.

While in college, Lilly held various jobs to pay for her tuition. Some of these included waitressing, working as a flight attendant for Royal Airlines, bartending, and doing oil changes and grease jobs on big rig trucks.

At age 21, she smashed her from tooth out in an inebriated dancing accident.

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