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Strawberries can be red, yellow, green or white.

Strawberries can be red, yellow, green or white.

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Most of the varieties there are the regular and delicious red-producing ones, but the white and yellow producers are also available.

The White Alpine or Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberry plants are very heavy producers often sweeter than red strawberries. The white strawberries tend to have a bit of a pineapple flavor to them while the yellow have an exotic flavor much like passion fruit.

If you want to enjoy multiple hues, you can try some of these colorful novelty strawberries:
White Strawberries. The Pineberry – this variety literally exploded onto the scene. ... 
Purple Strawberries. Purple Wonder – “purple” strawberries do indeed exist. ... 
Yellow/Golden Strawberries. ... 
Varieties with Different Foliage.

They grow as small green strawberries until they reach a certain size and maturity. They then turn white. As they continue to mature, strawberries which are red when fully ripe make use of proteins to turn from white to red. ... So, even when they are ripe, they remain white instead of turning red.

Green strawberries exhibit the youth of any given red strawberry variety that has been plucked before maturity. Their color is pale green with slight pink blushing and trademark seeds lining the firm shiny skin.

The rare strawberry is known as the Shirou Houseki variety, or White Jewel, and sold for 1080 yen each. ... Adding to the rariety of the final variety, only ten percent of all the White Jewels grown will stay white after being exposed to the sun, despite all containing less anthocyanin than standard strawberries.

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