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Interesting Facts About Jack In The Box

Interesting Facts About Jack In The Box Jack in the Box tacos

Like the toy, Jack in the Box and its history can also shock you.

They revolutionized a crucial part of the fast-food industry and had their fair share of unforgettable events.

Did you know they fired a soon-to-be-famous actor? Or They bought a taco company for half a billion?!

If those two facts piqued your curiosity, keep reading to discover more interesting facts about Jack in the Box!

Jack in the Box founder Robert O. Peterson opened its first location in San Diego, California, United States, at 63rd Street and El Cajon Boulevard in Rolando. 

This state also has the most Jack in the Box stores, with over 940 out of the US 2,168 stores recorded on October 31, 2022.

And before settling with Jack in the Box, Peterson had already started numerous restaurants.

He then sold the Jack in the Box in 1967 to allot more time for his other commitments, like renovating hotels.

A monthly magazine based in Austin, Texas, said that their tacos are comparable to taquitos or tacos dorados, which you can find in Mexico.

And despite their tacos being referred to as “biting into a wet envelope of cat food,” people still love the budget-friendly taco, as more than half a billion Jack in the Box tacos are sold yearly.

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