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Otter Facts That Are Otterly Amazing

Otter Facts That Are Otterly AmazingFantastic Facts about Otters

Otters are the dogs of the water world, so it’s no small wonder that we humans have such affection for them. They’re cute, they’re fuzzy and easily photogenic!

These adorable little guys have long, streamlined bodies that are just made for being in the water.

They’re actually part of the weasel family, but they’re the only ones that swim!

So what is it about otters that make them so otterly amazing? Let’s take a closer look here with these 15 otter facts!

Otters spend a large amount of time in the water, yet they still have fur.

To ensure that they stay dry they must spend a significant portion of the day grooming themselves, coating their fur in saliva.

This process actually makes the outer layer waterproof. This is possible because their fur is so dense, with around a million hairs per square inch.

Otters can be found in unpolluted waters all over the world in marshland, freshwater rivers, lakes, oceans, and coastlines.

There are 13 known species of otters, which range in size from 2.9 feet (90 cm) all the way to 5.9 feet (1.8 m) long!

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