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Facts About Dogs & Puppies

 Facts About Dogs & PuppiesDog with head out the car window.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the most popular household pets in the Western world.

After all, what’s not to love about our canine friends?

They’re cuddly, fun-loving, and have earned a reputation as man’s best friend over the centuries.

However, there are still plenty of facts we don’t know about our pooches.

Although people have kept dogs as pets for many years, it was only in the 1960s that they became increasingly popular in the West. After the Second World War, there was a big increase in the number of households with a pet canine.

The phrase “man’s best friend” was first used by Frederick the Great in the 18th Odgen Nash, an American poet, made use of the phrase in his work in the 1900s, thus making it a popular saying.

Statistics show that more than 60% of US households have a pet dog, which proves just how popular they really are.

Dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet. This makes it difficult to tell when a dog is very hot, but they will also pant and lie down when they are too hot or exhausted. Panting actually helps them to cool down.

The Great Dane is the tallest dog in the world, while the St. Bernard is the heaviest, weighing up to 120kg when fully grown.

Due to their great size and strength, St. Bernards have been used for years as mountain rescue dogs. The most successful was Barry, who saved 40 lives during his time in service.

Ever wondered why a dog can move its ears so freely? There are at least 18 muscles in a dog’s ear which all work separately, making movement in this area very easy.

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