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World Zombie Day is on October 13.


World Zombie Day is on October 13.

For all the zombie fanatics, there is a World Zombie Day!

This international event started on October 13, 2006, when a group of enthusiasts created a zombie walk in Pittsburg, California, where Dawn of the Dead was filmed.

The event has become celebrated worldwide and is often held on the weekend closest to October 13.

For the '13 Days to Halloween' series, I collect, watch, and write about 13 brilliant and spooky 'underseen' movies that more people need to see. Note that I did not use the term 'underrated', as I believe they were just overlooked for various reasons, and not necessarily rated lower than they deserve. The films are ranked worst to best, in my opinion. The series will end on October 31 with the film that I think is the best and scariest little-known horror flick.

Zombie films do not have a good reputation. The chief reason, I feel, is that there are just too many of them. And great quantity rarely translates to great quality. If there is too much of something, one has to dig deep to find gold. Many flicks about the undead are just happy to thrill moviegoers with gory action, and little else. There are, however, a few movies that do break the mould, and at least attempt to be about something more substantial than "kill zombies!".

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