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The first pucks were made of cow dung.


The first pucks were made of cow dung.

Legend has it that the first pucks used in outdoor hockey games were actually frozen cow patties.

But the game must go on, right?

Cut-up lacrosse balls were later made into pucks before taking their final form today — vulcanized rubber.

During an average game, they’ll use up to 25-30 pucks. During play pucks often fly over the plexiglass or are given to fans.

At the start of each period, they’ll bring over a bucket of 15 pucks fro the freezer of the home team to the penalty box cooler. Which then officials keep a watchful eye over. So thats 15 pucks x 3 periods = 45 pucks a game.

They won’t use all these pucks, but they usually replace the puck with a new frozen one for each face-off or every two minutes. That job is upto the linesman to replace the puck with a freshly frozen one.

They’ll keep these pucks in the freezer until game time with some team reportedly using portable ice cream freezers to do this job. (NHL rules state that the home team are responsible for keeping the game pucks frozen).

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