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Steve Jobs was a college dropout.


Steve Jobs was a college dropout.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Jobs was a college dropout.

In 1972 Jobs enrolled at Reed College but dropped out after one semester.

He explained to his parents that he didn’t want to waste their money on education that was meaningless to him.

Jobs’ adopted parents had promised his biological mother Schieble that they would pay for his education.

For many, college provides a road to success. But it's not the only road. Here's a look at dozens of tech, business, political and media stars of the 20th century and beyond who left school without undergrad degrees, but with plenty of ambition and talent to make things happen

First up: Oprah Winfrey

In 1975, the future media mogul and philanthropist left Tennessee State University for a TV job one credit shy of completing her four-year degree. A decade later, after launching her talk show and earning an Oscar nomination, Winfrey resumed her studies. She graduated as a member of Tennessee State's Class of 1986. 

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