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Snowtown (2011)

Snowtown (2011)


Australia’s longest and one of the most notorious trials in their history, the Snowtown murders case provides the inspiration for this movie.

John Bunting and Robert Wagner, the main criminals of the story, committed 12 murders in total.

A tale involving homophobia, drugs and violent behavior, this 2011 Australian real crime movie is a must-watch for anybody who enjoys biographical thrillers.

Now you have enough real crime movies to keep you entertained for a few weeks – which one will you choose to watch first?

In a dismal and defeated Australian suburb, we meet a family that seems put upon Earth to chain-smoke and stare blankly into space in “The Snowtown Murders.” The dog has the most self-esteem of the bunch. One of the sons, Jamie, has been molested by his mother’s worthless boyfriend and by Troy, one of his own brothers. It doesn’t occur to him to seek help. He is so powerless he seems to regard victimhood as his fate.

In the world of this family, a man appears who at first appears to be a benefactor. John Bunting materializes at the kitchen table, seems to assign himself the role of father, starts preparing meals and beaming with reassurance at everyone. Learning of the molestation, he kills some kangaroos, chops off their heads and enlists Jamie in helping him pound them into bloody mash and dumping them on the molester’s front porch.

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