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Shows are usually not near each other


Shows are usually not near each other

Each city is different, but the shows are rarely nearby each other.

This means taxis, Ubers, and private cars are found circling the surrounding areas.

Often different outfits are needed for various shows, so many attendees will hire a private car if they have back-to-back shows with alternate costumes.

This allows them a location to store their clothing and change between shows.

Trends emerge every season that shape what people all over the world will be wearing for the years to come.

Fashion week is a way for a brand to bring people into their world and show what they stand for.

Designers communicate the message they hope to send to the world by the venue choice, music, and all details of the events beyond just the clothing.

It allows lesser-known brands to stand out and well-established brands to reinforce their visions in new creative ways.

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