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Security threads on bills glow differently.


Security threads on bills glow differently.

Bills have a unique security thread embedded in it.

These can be seen under a UV light with each of the security threads glowing differently depending on the denomination.

This helps protect from counterfeiting.

When retailers accept fake bills, they bear the entire burden of the loss. Although counterfeiters’ techniques are improving, the bad bills can be detected. Here’s how to spot counterfeit money and protect your business from related losses.  

Counterfeit money is an ongoing threat retailers can’t afford to be complacent about. During the first three months of 2021, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized $1.6 million in counterfeit currency in Chicago, Illinois. Another $110,000 in fake currency was seized in California.

Unfortunately for businesses, not all counterfeit bills are found and seized before getting into distribution. And when a business accepts fake money in payment for merchandise or services, they lose the face value of the money they received plus any goods or services they provided to the customer who paid with the counterfeit $20, $50, or $100 bill.

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