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Savage Grace (2007)

Savage Grace (2007)


A slightly different true crime movie, this story follows Barbara Daly Baekeland, a controversial character married to the heir of a wealthy estate.

Their son Antony, born in 1946, was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

He became the source of many problems for Barbara, played by Julianne Moore in the movie.

A compelling tale of a son and mother who face one problem after the next, the movie consists of multiple crimes and tragedies which will have you on the edge of your seat.

The idle rich are boring, which is why the movie is paced so slowly. The subject matter, based on truth is shocking because it is real and sick. You can see where this is going early on, but somehow, it's like a car accident. You don't want to watch but you do? Those of us who don't have money would like to think money cures problems, but as this material shows, if you're sick, you're sick.

 I thought the actors did a good job portraying their characters. When these things happen to ordinary people, they're statistics. When they happen to rich people, they become the material for books and movies.

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