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Oklahoma City was settled in just one day.


Oklahoma City was settled in just one day.

Parts of Indian territory began opening up to settlement due to some devious acts passed by Congress.

The first of these regions to be made available for settlement by US citizens was settled through race.

Known as the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, the two million acres (8,000 square kilometers) were up for grabs by anyone.

All one had to do was place a stake in the ground in an unclaimed area where one wished to live. To gain land ownership, one had to live there for five years.

Quite a few towns, including Oklahoma City, sprouted on the first day of this land rush.Come nightfall on April 22, 1889, 

Oklahoma City already had 10,000 residents camping out on their respective plots of land.Oklahoma is the capital and largest city of the state of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma land rush was on April 22, 1889. The large acres of land that was opened up for white settlement was located in Indian Territory. Initially, this area was considered unsuitable for white colonisation

Instead it was thought to be an ideal place to relocate Native Americans, who had been moved from their traditional lands to make way for white settlement. The relocations began in 1817, and by the 1880s the Indian Territory was home to many tribes — Cherokee, Creek, Cheyenne, Apache

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