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Kissing uses 146 muscles.


Kissing uses 146 muscles.

In total, one kiss uses 146 muscles working together. You may think the majority of those are in your face, but actually, 112 of those are postural muscles, and the remainder 34 is various facial muscles.

Even so, the muscle used the most in a kiss is the muscle around your mouth, of course, called the orbicularis oris.

How did researchers find out something like this? Well, they studied couples kissing underneath an MRI scanner. Imagine that experiment!

Do you know that the way you kiss was fed in your system while you were in your mother’s womb? A German researcher studies 100 couples and saw that at least 2/3rd of them tilted their heads to the right – now mostly that’s the natural inclination while babies are in their mom’s womb. So, if you like to tilt your head to the left while kissing that may mean that you mostly tilted your head to the left while in your mother’s womb.

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