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How To celebrate National Ferris Wheel Day


How To celebrate National Ferris Wheel Day

  1. Take a ride on a Ferris wheel – Whether you’re a seasoned fairground visitor or you’ve never been on a Ferris wheel before, National Ferris Wheel Day gives you the perfect excuse. Visit a fairground nearby or take a trip further afield to a famous Ferris wheel.
  2. Learn more about Ferris wheels – Why not use this special day to learn more about Ferris wheels and impress your friends? Many people have no idea that there is another reason to celebrate February 14!
  3. Introduce a friend to Ferris wheels – If you have a friend who has never taken a ride on a Ferris wheel, February 14 is a perfect time! Take a trip to the theme park together or suggest it to several friends as a group activity.

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