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Giant snowballs… or tiny snowmen pieces.


Giant snowballs… or tiny snowmen pieces.

This one resulted from a very peculiar natural phenomenon in 2016, which caused 11 miles of the Western Siberian coast off the Gulf of Ob to be covered in huge snowballs.

It all seems very nonsensical that snowballs would just wash up on the beach from the sea.

However, it occurred due to small pieces of ice forming in the water before being rolled together into big round balls by both the wind and waves.

The snowballs ranged anywhere in size from that of a tennis ball to 3 feet wide icy boulders!

From the proper way to make a snowman's "legs" to composing a classic snowman face, I tell you how to make a snowman the smart way. Building a snowman may be "child's play," if you will, but some aspects of sound snowman construction will be less than obvious to those who are new to this art form.

For example, when making the first snowball, learn why you should not be rolling it in only one direction. More importantly (since safety always comes first), learn a trick for hoisting a heavy middle ball up into position without hurting your back, if you are working alone. These and more useful tips follow:

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