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Dinosaurs are still alive and with us today!


Dinosaurs are still alive and with us today!

Don’t go running and screaming for help, though, unless you happen to be deathly afraid of chickens!

In fact, all birds are descendants of dinosaurs – even the humble hummingbird.

All the non-avian dinosaurs went extinct, but the avian dinosaurs evolved over the millennia into birds.

Many shared evolutionary characteristics can be found in the skeletons of birds and other dinosaurs. One can follow the development of these evolutionary innovations by following along the evolutionary tree of dinosaurs, from larger groups into successively smaller ones.

In the view of most paleontologists today, birds are living dinosaurs. In other words, the traits that we accept as defining birds — key skeletal features as well as behaviors including nesting and brooding — actually arose first in some dinosaurs. Most intriguing, and debated, is the evidence of feathers and featherlike structures on these dinosaurs

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