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A ghost may haunt you for multiple reasons.


A ghost may haunt you for multiple reasons.

Famed ghost hunter and author Richard Southall said there are four reasons a ghost may be around.

The first of his list is that the ghost may not realize that it is actually dead.

The second is that the ghost has unfinished business. It is said that when a person dies, they can not cross into the underworld until all the business is finished on earth.

This leads to reason three: the ghost may be lingering so it can say goodbye to a loved one.

The final theoretical reason is to offer guidance to a loved one.

Ghosts are generally believed only to haunt locations, objects, or people they were associated with.

For example, a famed story is of the Winchester Mystery House. The story is that ghosts tormented the wife of the creator of the Winchester gun in her home. But these were all ghosts of those who had been killed with that particular brand of gun.

But what makes us feel like we are in the presence of a supernatural spirit? Are there possible scientific explanations for that tingling sensation you get on the back of your neck, or the sudden feeling of uneasiness with an origin you can’t quite place? Let’s investigate six possible explanations for that paranormal feeling that are rooted in science rather than the supernatural.

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